About Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS Pro)

Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS Pro) is a highly sophisticated Web & Mobile application designed specifically to address the inventory management needs of SME moving up on the growth curve. It is available as web and mobile app to help business owners in automating their inventory workflow. GOIS-PRO application is available for:

GOIS Pro is a SAAS based system that maintains all the business data over central cloud server to be accessible globally at any time with online mode of working. Online mode offers real-time data syncing. Moreover if you don't have internet connectivity in some remote location, a user can continue their business activities by switching to offline mode.

GOIS Pro do offer multiple organizations, multiple business units, multiple locations as warehouses, multiple web and mobile users, multiple products & categories, currencies & time zones, customers & vendors, purchase & sales orders, inventory tracking, stock transfer & import, stock adjustments, intelligent business reporting, advanced filters and searching capability, barcode scanning from mobile camera and external barcode scanner, interactive dashboard and many more to make your business process easier and effective.


  • Simple Web and Mobile user Interface
  • Centralized Data Management
  • Manage and track multiple users across different platforms and devices
  • Multiple Organizations, Business Units and locations
  • The ability to work in both online and offline modes
  • Easy and Real Time Data Synchronization across multiple users
  • Different levels of administration privileges
  • Data Migration from GOIS-Standalone to GOIS-Pro
  • Quick Reporting capabilities with ultimate accuracy
  • Inventory Transfer across multiple locations of Business units
  • Positive and negative adjustments for damaged, broken and misplaced products

Key Features

One Business Owner can add multiple organizations to manage their data for different businesses. With each organization you can add multiple related Business Units which symbolically represent various branch offices or shops of an organization.

You can add any number of products and categories with their images. For each product you can add multiple images as per their features for easy identification while managing. You can add your free products in your inventory.

Purchase orders can be added by line up multiple order items i.e. each order may contain one or more order items (Products). You can maintain and track a purchase order in its various stages like – Sent to Vendor, Partially Fulfilled, Fulfilled, Cancelled, etc. You can even add discount and tax information for each Purchase Order.

Vendor & its associated contact list management are supported. A purchase order can also be linked with specific vendor and its related contacts.

Multiple Inventories/warehouses can be maintained for each Business Unit. All the fulfilled purchase orders will fill up the default inventory with the chosen ordered items. Each product can have multiple inventory items i.e. for one product you can maintain two or more Inventory items at different purchase and sale prices.

Like purchase orders, Sales Order too can be added and lined up with multiple order items. So, you can add more than one order item (Product) for each Sales Order. Then, you can track the sales order in its various stages like New Order, In Progress, Order is Ready, Dispatched, Cancelled, etc. You can also maintain the delivery method of Sales Order like Delivery or Pick-up. You can even add discount and taxes like sales tax, service tax, etc. along with the Shipping Charges.

You can track and maintain your customer’s records as well. For e.g. while adding a sales order, the customer who placed the order can be linked to the sales order section. This allows you to easily manage and track your repeated customers.

User can define their own units for Products like a Packet or a Bag or a Bundle and link those units to system defined units like kg, g, etc. These units can then be used while adding purchase orders or sales orders. Users can also set one default unit with a Product, but that product can also be purchased or sell using different units. All the transactions carried out by the system would be saved in both the formats as Product’s default unit and the selected unit for Sales Order or Purchase Order.

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