Advanced Features

GOIS-PRO supports three levels of business data and inventory maintenance. As you can create multiple organizations under a business owner account and within each individual organization, you may have one or multiple business units and also within each individual business unit you may create multiple locations as warehouses to organize your workflow.

Now you don’t need to be worried of buying an additional barcode scanner device to operate the barcodes of your business products, as this can be accomplished with your mobile device app as well. With GOIS-PRO system, all the users has a flexibility to use the barcode scanning using mobile device rear camera to create the purchase orders, sales orders and to manage the inventory very efficiently and quickly.

For every business, product measurement units like packets, bunches, boxes, etc. are very useful to bundle the same product quantities into one unit for bulk purchases and sales. Now you can find this useful feature into the GOIS-PRO system as well. By default system gives you the predefined measurement unit set to map with the products with their standard conversion factors like Pounds, Kg, Each, Piece, etc. In addition, a business owner can define their desired measurement units as well and define their conversion factors as required to map with the products.

Across the GOIS-Pro web system and device app, each individual module has an advanced filter and sorting section to boost up the searching process.

GOIS-Pro system allows the users to set their desired display settings to see the number of records to be shown in each individual page where system navigates and to speed-up the operations. Further you may define your default sorting and filtering to organize their data.

GOIS-PRO gives you an option to use the quick scan option which helps you to perform quick actions like ordering, stock adjustments, stock transfers, and inventory tracking using barcode scan from a single point which saves your precious time without navigating through each individual section.

Using device application, you can continue to work offline and perform all your business activities without even having network connectivity.