Cloud System features

With GOIS-PRO system, you have a flexibility to track and manage your business inventory using any of the desired platforms such as web, android & iOS.

As all your data has been kept over the GOIS-PRO cloud, so there is no point to worry about your data security. All your transactions will pass over the highly encrypted and secured channel with can’t be accessed by any intruder.

With GOIS-PRO system, all the database is backed up over the central cloud server and is also replicated across different cloud servers for global availability. So irrespective of your working location or platform, you can access your GOIS-PRO account from anywhere and at anytime.

During online mode of working, without worrying about the number of users operating the same GOIS-PRO account from different locations, all the activities and operations performed by any user will be synced with the central cloud server approximately in a real time so that the every user will get the latest piece of information all the time by maintaining the data isolation and consistency.

A business owner account can have 1 to N number of users and sub users as per the individual business requirement that can access the system at the same time from their corresponding platform or location and can also work simultaneously on the same data set.

There are predefined set of roles and permissions which can be mapped with each sub user to restrict the irrelevant functionality which might not be required for them. Further a business owner has a capability to map separate business units with each individual sub user to apply the restrictions on a particular business unit’s data.

GOIS-Pro allows a business owner and their users to set their desired organizational currency, time zone and color themes to work with.

The GOIS-PRO pricing is highly flexible and can be customized for specific businesses as per the individual’s requirement. Further system gives you an option to pay your subscription amount monthly or yearly as needed. A business owner has the privilege to upgrade or downgrade his subscription plan at any moment of time on the basis of usability of system.