For every business, inventory management is one of the important and crucial activities which need to be looked after by the business owners at their own risk. Moreover, if you are not keeping an eye on your inventory or counting stock regularly, you might move towards the potential inventory errors and challenges. The way you manage your Inventory really can make or break a business.

How GOIS-Pro is beneficial?

What if GOIS-PRO helps you in taking over your responsibility from managing and tracking the items that exists in your business inventory? It saves your precious time which can be utilized in satisfying your valuable customers. A good inventory management strategy improves the accuracy of inventory orders and helps you to figure out exactly how much inventory you must have to prevent shortages without having too much in your warehouse.

What is being taken care of?

While developing GOIS PRO system, we have gone through a research to understand the actual troubles of different businesses and the business owners in maintaining their stock levels and found that a good inventory management strategy leads to a more organized warehouse which helps you to optimize your sale or otherwise save your hard earned money which on the other hand could be wasted on slow-moving and old technique systems, as a result we come up with a new SAAS & cloud based inventory management system called Goods Order Inventory System Pro to improve your business efficiency. The advanced technology of GOIS Pro gave a great value to a number of businesses by automating their inventory management process.
Irrespective of whether you are a small business, medium business or a large enterprise, GOIS PRO provides you a complete solution which can help business owners to drastically improve their workflow, efficiency and productivity by understanding your business patterns.

Which Trend that we follow?

GOIS PRO is backed up with the latest business patterns and technologies which allow you to track and manage your business inventory from anywhere and at anywhere across the globe. Further, there is no requirement of any complicated installation to setup the GOIS PRO cloud-based system with your business. All you need to have a simple web browser, and you are good to go online with GOIS Pro system. It gives you the flexibility to have an open eye on all the business activities in a multi-user and multi-location environment.
In addition to the web system, GOIS PRO mobile application allows you to expand and manage your business inventory using iOS and Android devices. GOIS PRO mobile app offers you two working mode as online and offline to work from any globe location. So even if you are unable to get connected with the network or in some remote location, GOIS PRO doesn’t restrict you to perform your business activities, i.e. during offline mode you may continue all your business operations and once you got connected with the network, all your offline transactional data can be synced with the central cloud server.

Why choose GOIS-Pro ?

If you want your customers to come back to explore your business products and offered services, your business should be smart enough to meet the customer’s demand quickly. So we recommend you to take a step ahead and try GOIS PRO cloud system which is incorporated with a number of desired features of every inventory business to automate the operations and reduce the load of the manual work process.

How we can assist?

Moreover, if you are afraid of learning a new system, then don’t worry; GOIS Pro system has been designed in such a way so that you can explore the system interactively. All you need to do is to login and go ahead and then the system will direct you to go ahead.

As we valued your precious time, so GOIS-PRO takes cares of business owners as well to get full assistance through trainings, demos, call & live chat support.

What more in GOIS-Pro ?

  • Quick Barcode Scanning
    Use rear camera of your mobile device for scanning or use Bluetooth barcode scanner to perform quick actions like stock check-in/check-out, ordering, transfers and adjustments. GOIS Pro quick scanning capability saves your effort of cataloging huge number of items being done manually.
  • Multiple Organizations, Business Units & Locations
    A Business Owner may operate multiple organizations under one GOIS Pro account. Each individual organization can have 1 to ‘N’ business units and moreover within each individual business unit, you may create multiple locations as warehouses to organize your inventory stocks.
  • Multi-Platform & Global Accessibility
    GOIS Pro can be accessed from any part of the world with any compatible device running iOS or Android operating system and also using any web browser over Desktop or Laptop. Thus it enhances not only the mobility of your organization, but also helps you in expanding your business to the global scale by giving you the flexibility to track and manage your business orders & inventory on the go.
  • Economic Purchase and Sales
    Dealing with multiple vendors to buy multiple products at its best price or selling items to different customers at high margin using item or order level discounts makes the ordering process easier and efficient with GOIS Pro. GOIS Pro helps you to boost up your purchase and sale process by keeping all your vendor and customer information within the system.
  • Order and Invoice Templates
    GOIS Pro gives you the flexibility to define your own business purchase/sales order & invoices templates as per your individual needs. You may add your company banner, logo and may set the desired set of fields to be visible to your customers or vendors receipt that helps you to build a good relationship with your clients and dealers.
  • Stock Check-In & Check-Out
    Owing to its specific mobility features, GOIS Pro equips you tracking your existing stock status for any business location on-the-go. Users may perform easy stock check-in and check-out operations to boost up your business Productivity. Also tracking and generating current stock report for Business Owners has become easy now.
  • Track Low Stock Levels & Reorder Quickly
    Low stock alerts always keeps you updated with your inventory on- hand stocks and low stock limits, so that you never lose any sale when a customer comes in.
  • Stock Transfers & Adjustments
    Automate reconciliation for damaged, missing, stolen or wrong input stocks against different products across multiple warehouses and perform quick transfers between locations and business units.
  • If your business is looking for an ordering and inventory automation system to help you in boost up your daily tasks, then considering GOIS-Pro system to fulfill your business needs is the right decision.


Cloud System

With GOIS-PRO system, you have a flexibility to track and manage your business inventory using any of the desired platforms such as web, android & iOS.

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Advanced Features

Using device application, you can continue to work offline and perform all your business activities without even having network connectivity.

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Intelligent System & Quick Reporting

All your transactions, stock adjustments, sales reports, profit & loss, import & transfer logs, closed purchase & sale history, etc.

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Product Management

Now with GOIS-PRO system, you may define the freebies or free products for your organization i.e. sale price for such products would be zero automatically.

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Purchase Management

Prioritize an order on the basis of its urgency is one of the most important features which become most useful for number of business owners.

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Inventory Management

For each product that resides in your inventory, a user has an option to add an individual item’s stock to increase the quantity levels of that particular product.

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Sales Management

Now you don’t need to navigate across multiple pages to make a sale, GOIS-PRO provides an advanced feature to make a quick sale to your customers.

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To maintain your business records, GOIS-Pro allows business owners to export and take the backup of their desired data into an excel format file.

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Features Comparison

Sections Features GOIS-PRO GOIS-Standalone
Web Android IOS Android & IOS
Cloud System
Multiple platforms compatibility
Cloud Data Security
Centralized Database for Global access
Real-Time Data Synchronization
Multi User Environment
User Roles & Administration Privileges
Currency, Themes and Time-Zone Settings
Custom Pricing
Advanced Features
Multiple Organizations, Business Units & Locations
Barcode scanning using mobile rear camera
Custom Measurement Units & Conversion Factors
Advanced Filters and Sorting for quick search
Display Settings
Quick Scan & Actions
Offline mode of working
Quick Sales
Entity View
Excel Reporting
Intelligent System
Interactive Dashboard
Business Reports and Business Analytics
Quick Entities view
Interactive CSV Import
Quick Data Export
Factory Reset
Huge Data Download Capability
Product Management
Define Free Products
Set Product Publish Date
Multiple Category Mapping
Product Images & Catalog
Define Low Stock Quantity
Default Purchase and Sale Price
Product Cloning
Multiple Measurement Units
User Defined Unit Conversion Factor & Mapping
Purchase Management
Raise & Fulfill Purchase
Order Receiving
Partial Order Fulfillment
Order Priority
Line up multiple Order items
Vendor Information Management
Vendor Contacts
Purchase Notes
Email Orders
Discount and Taxes (Item & Order Level)
Set Order & Invoice Templates
Purchase Line Item Tracking
Inventory Management
Inventory Overview
Inventory Import/Initialization
Add Stock
Quick Stock Tracking
Stock Adjustments (Online Mode) (Online Mode)
Stock Transfer & Import across multiple Locations (Online Mode) (Online Mode)
Stock Notes
Low Stock & Reordering
Lot Number Tracking
Inventory Lifecycle
Stock Summary
Stock Activity
Sales Management
Create Quick Sales
Punch Sales
Dispatch Sales (Online Mode) (Online Mode)
Manage Shipment type
Track Order Status
Order Priority
Line up multiple Order items
Customer Information Management
Multiple Billing and Shipping Addresses
Sale Notes
Customer Notes
Email Orders
Discount and Taxes (Item & Order Level)
Sales Return
Void Sales
Set Order & Invoice Templates
Sales Line Item Tracking
Quick Reporting
Profit & Loss Report
Sales Report
Purchase & Sales History
Stock Adjustment Logs
All Transactions
Low Stock
Import & Transfer Log
Stock Projection Report
Inventory History Report
Quick Case Reporting
24x7 E-Mail Support
Live Chat
Call Support (8 AM - 5:00 PM EST)
User Manuals