Intelligent System & Quick Reporting

For a Business owner, keeping an eye on all the activities which are going on into their organization is very important. Now GOIS-Pro web system gives you an interactive and user friendly dashboard to track all the user’s activities from single point of contact.

All your transactions, stock adjustments, sales reports, profit & loss, import & transfer logs, closed purchase & sale history, etc. reports and graphs can be generated and downloaded using the GOIS-PRO system to analyze your business growth.

All the business entities like organizations, business units, locations, users, product categories, vendors, customers , product measurement units, etc. can be maintained at a single place. Further for each individual entity can be tracked and viewed from the product details and entities detail section which found to be very useful for all the business owners.

To make your business analysis easier, GOIS-PRO intelligent reporting allows you to generate interactive Profit & Loss graphs and reports very smoothly.

You can analyze all your business sales graphs and report for a desired duration to understand the top business products.

All the past records or closed purchase and sales orders for a given duration can be tracked from the GOIS-Pro system easily by tracking the history off same.

All the inventory stock adjustments against damaged products, missing items, sales returns, lost or stolen products can be tracked using stock adjustment logs within the GOIS-PRO system to match up your stock levels.

Now you can track all the Inventory-IN and Inventory-OUT to and from the GOIS-PRO system using all transactions logs for desired items, categories, duration, etc

It might be possible that you have missed the low stock alerts or notifications for your inventory items, to get rid of this problem, having a quick look on all the low stock items and creating a purchase order for desired item’s reordering is very quick into the GOIS-PRO system using low stock report.

You can track all your inventory transfers and imports across multiple locations and business units using the import & transfer logs. Now you can identify the source and destination location of your inventory IN or OUT for desired items, category, location, etc.