Inventory Management

Using this feature, system allows you to have a quick overview on the total inventory cost for a particular location and available stock items with their corresponding quantity information in your inventory.

Another useful feature for all the business owners is to initialize their inventory for the products available in their warehouse. Now with GOIS-PRO system, you may check-in multiple items into your inventory in just one shot to maintain your stock levels.

For each product that resides in your inventory, a user has an option to add an individual item’s stock to increase the quantity levels of that particular product.

Now using quick scan function, GOIS-PRO app allows you to have a quick check on the available product quantities and to perform necessary operations on your stock items using barcode scanning or advanced searching capability.

Sometimes it is required for a business owner to adjust their inventory stock levels due to different reasons like sales return, damaged item, missing product, lost items, etc. To cope with these unusual situations, GOIS-PRO system allows you to do the necessary stock adjustments (Add/Deduct) on your individual item quantities.

In a multi-location environment, you might be interested in making the necessary stock imports and transfers from one location to another of your product quantities. Now GOIS-Pro do support that valuable feature within it web and device app. You may initiate the transfers and imports across multiple locations and business units into the system very easily.

To maintain the multiple stock entries within a location for an item, you may tag a stock note to identify that particular stock unit within a location for reference as desired.

As a business owner can set a low stock limit for each product, so to track the items which have been reached to the defined low stock value in your inventory, GOIS-PRO system allows you to track such items by a red notification and also allows to reorder these set of items to maintain the corresponding stock levels at a particular location.