Product Management

Now with GOIS-PRO system, you may define the freebies or free products for your organization i.e. sale price for such products would be zero automatically.

A business owner may assign a publish date for each product to make it available for sale and purchase.

Mapping a product with multiple categories is now possible with GOIS-PRO system. With each individual product, you may map one or more product categories to be available across the organization.

For easy identification of a product, GOIS-PRO system allows you to map multiple pictures or images to create your business product catalog which can be shown to the customers during sale. Further using images, all your representatives would be able to recognize the products very easily to perform their desired operations.

For each product, you can set a low stock limit as a threshold value below which you will get an alert notification to reorder the given item to make the stock availability of same in your inventory

For every product a default purchase & sale price can be defined which will be editable at later stage (if required) across different sections of the system like purchase, inventory and sale.