Purchase Management

Now you can raise your purchase order for your vendors to order the items for your inventory and once the order has been shipped to your warehouse (physically) by the vendor, you may fulfill it to find the same quantities in your inventory (logically) as well into the GOIS-PRO system.

For all the requested items of an order, a business owner can confirm its receiving to fulfill the quantities in your inventory.

As per the individual’s business requirement, a purchase order can also be fulfilled partially for some delivered items to your inventory and the remaining order items can be fulfilled at later stage once it is delivered to your warehouse by your vendor.

Prioritize an order on the basis of its urgency is one of the most important features which become most useful for number of business owners. Now you may set the order priority like Low, Medium, High and Immediate to get the order items delivered to your inventory as per the priority level.

With GOIS-Pro system, you may line-up multiple items within a purchase order to get supplied all at once to your warehouse by your vendor.

Now you can manage all your vendor information into the GOIS-PRO system itself and can map those vendors with your purchases. Also to track the past associated vendors/suppliers for your ordered items, you can have a quick overview of same under product details section.

GOIS-PRO system allows you to keep all the relative contacts for each vendor so as not to have any communication gap in between the vendors and business owners.

With every purchase order, you can add an additional note for future reference and for better understanding of your business deals.

Once you raise a purchase order into the system, you can mail it to the vendors and other recipients directly via the GOIS-PRO system so that each individual would be aware for any requested items and its corresponding supply.

GOIS-PRO allows you to add the necessary discounts and taxes with each purchase order at item level as well as on total order amount as per your business requirement.