Sales Management

Now you don’t need to navigate across multiple pages to make a sale, GOIS-PRO provides an advanced feature to make a quick sale to your customers. All you need to do is to choose a customer, start lining-up the items in an order and you are ready for your sales dispatch.

GOIS-PRO allows you to punch a sale order for your customer either using your inventory stocks or without using your inventory stock (i.e. from product list) with additional information you might be needed for your business like courier name, tracking number, order priority, order status, detailed item information, discount & taxes, shipping information, etc. to maintain your business records.

Now GOIS-PRO system allows you to dispatch and deliver your sales order on or before time from anywhere and at anytime as per your business convenience.

With GOIS-Pro system, you can manage your order shipment type as pickup and delivery as required.

For a business growth in a multiuser environment, it is very important for a business owner to have an eye on the status of their sales orders to make their customers happy by delivering their ordered items on or before time, hence GOIS-PRO allows you to track the status of an order during its lifecycle until its delivery to the customer.

For every business, it is very important to prioritize the incoming order requests to manage the availability of an item and its corresponding stock levels to fulfill all the customer’s requests on time. GOIS-Pro system allows you to define a sales order priority.

To check-out your products from your inventory, you don’t need to create multiple sales order for each individual item deducting from your inventory. GOIS-Pro gives you the functionality to line-up multiple items within a sale order to deduct the corresponding product’s inventory.

GOIS-PRO system is not bounded with purchase, inventory & sales. Now you can maintain all your customer information within the system which will help you to make the sales efficiently for recurring customers. You can keep all the necessary information of a customer within the GOIS-PRO system which can be accessed from anywhere to build your customer relations.

GOIS-PRO system allows you to keep multiple billing and shipping addresses for your customers into the database to access the same globally.

You may add a sale note into an order to make the order information more meaningful which would be helpful for a business owner while referencing in future.

Tag an additional customer instructions or useful information as customer notes in a sale order.

Send the order information and invoices to the customer email directly or get it printed from PDF file.

Now add sales tax, service tax, shipping charges and discounts in your sales order on item levels and order level.