Among number of available utilities of GOIS-PRO system, most useful and demanding utility for every business setup is to import their business product list into the system either via excel or CSV format file. GOIS-PRO also allows the business owners to import their data using standard CSV file. All you need to do is to download the provided standard CSV file and fill it with your product data like product number, product name, purchase & sale price, category, etc. and push it into to the system in a very user friendly way to setup the system.

To maintain your business records, GOIS-Pro allows business owners to export and take the backup of their desired data into an excel format file.

To flush all your device data and to download a fresh copy of all your business data from central GOIS-PRO cloud server, GOIS-PRO gives you a feature of factory reset to accomplish the same.

A most challenging feature called huge data download makes you tension free about your business database size and its global accessibility. Now you may continue to push your all your important data into the GOIS-PRO system which can be accessed across multiple device platforms in one shot or within few seconds from any part of the globe.